You Want to Pass the Bar?

Save $50 and Pass the Bar Exam with the Best Tool Available

AdaptiBar has developed an online based testing system that is the best way you can prepare for the most difficult portion of the Bar Exam – the Multi-State Multiple Choice section (the MBE). For far, far, far less than you will spend on BarBri or other products, AdaptiBar is going to give you the edge over your fellow students in your efforts to pass the bar exam.

And I am going to show you a way to save money doing it. You will save $50 exclusively by clicking through to the AdaptiBar website and entering the promotional code: MSH2

So, why use AdaptiBar?

  • AdaptiBar only uses authentic questions written by the National Conference Bar Examiners (NCBE) that have appeared on previous exams.
  • AdaptiBar provides the most clear and concise explanations. Not only do we tell you which answer is correct and why, but we also explain why every other choice is incorrect.
  • Study anywhere, any time: AdaptiBar is an internet-based program, so your data follows you wherever you go and is always safely stored on our servers. Log in to your account from any web-enabled computer or PDA.
  • AdaptiBar adjusts to your strengths and weaknesses in all 34 subtopics and adapts the presentation of questions accordingly – yes, it learns what your weaknesses are and adjusts to your needs.
  • The learning is customized — not just following along with a professor talking in class to dozens or hundreds of fellow students.
  • AdaptiBar unique timing analysis calculates your optimal time, or “sweet spot”, in each subject and tells you the time at which you answer questions with the greatest accuracy.
  • And… they offer a 105% guarantee if you complete their course and fail the bar.

What’s not to love.  Click through, use the promotional code “MSH2,” and save $50 right off the top of this product that is going to get you to…. pass the bar!

Disclaimer: This site is not run by, owned by, or affiliated with AdaptiBar, but is merely the opinions of one who thinks their product is an excellent one that will help you pass the bar exam. The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of Adaptibar.

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